Tom Brady: Dad Is Just A Concerned Parent

Tom Brady understands his father’s concerns when it comes to playing in today’s NFL

A week ago, Tom Brady Sr. joined a growing list of parents expressing a great deal of concern about allowing their kids to play football. Speaking with Comcast Sports Network New England’s Tom Curran, the younger Brady shared his thoughts on his father’s concerns:

“Everybody has a different take,” Brady said. “My dad is always happy to share his opinion with anybody that will ask, often contrary to my own beliefs.”

“He’s always a concerned parent and we as parents are always concerned about our kids,” Brady pointed out. “You never want to see your kid fall down and bump his elbow. You’re always concerned when things are out of your control as a parent. But there’s no job I’d rather have in the world,” he added. “I’m so fortunate to be in a job that’s so fun for me every day. What football has taught me in the grand scheme of my life about being a part of a team and working with people and hard work, discipline and mental toughness – all those things that serve me in life. The lessons far outweigh anything I’ve experienced in terms of injuries.”

For Brady, his experiences on the field have hold more significance than the pain he’s endured playing the game he loves. My guy tells me a majority of NFL players feel the exact same way.

CSNNE – Brady answers dad’s concern about injuries


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