Greg Cosell Dissects The Phrase “He’s A Winner”

Tim Tebow late game heroics made him a “winner”.

“My broader objective is to compel a re-thinking of the “winner” concept. When you drill down deeper, it’s really a term that has almost no meaning.”

Greg Cosell closed his his piece, titled He’s a Winner”, with those two sentences from above. The phrase “He’s just a winner” sounds like something Monday Night Football color commentator John Gruden would lazily spout off when he’s at loss on how to describe a player he’s watching. It’s an empty expression which holds no weight when analyzing the the in-game performance of players.

American Sweetheart Tim Tebow launched his legend on miraculous game-winning drives. While fans nationwide went crazy over his late game performance, analysts who followed the stats were unmoved by what they were witnessing. Tebow racked up the Ws while the numbers he produced gave birth to photos like the one seen below:


Here is Greg Cosell’s take on Tebow’s rise:

In 2011, one quarterback in particular fostered blind obedience by many observers to the phrase “he’s winner” without much thought as to why it was being said. Tim Tebow won seven of his first eight starts, a number of them in spectacular fashion with late-game heroics. Of course, Matt Prater made two 50-plus yard overtime field goals to defeat the Dolphins and Bears (and the Chicago win also featured a 59-yarder with eight seconds remaining in regulation).

Then came four losses in his last five games, during which Tebow, with the exception of the playoff win against Pittsburgh, played about as poorly as an NFL quarterback can play. In those four losses, he completed 39 percent of his passes. So the question must be asked: Was Tebow a “winner” in some games, but not others? Did he not practice “winning” in the weeks leading up to those four losses?

Without focusing on the outcome of the games he’s played, would you really want a QB who posts the stats Tebow does leading your favorite team?

NFL Films Greg Cosell Talks “He’s A Winner”


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