Jay Cutler Might Get Paid (Again) Before Matt Forte

Jay Cutler may receive his 2nd contract from the Bears before Matt Forte is able to strike a new deal

Chicago Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler signed a 5 year, $50 Million dollar deal with the team during the 2009 season. Word on the block is the Bears are gearing up to make him another long term lucrative offer, even though he still has 2 years remaining on that ’09 deal. David Haugh of The Chicago Tribune reports:

Now expect more wealth to follow health for Cutler, perhaps as soon as before the beginning of the season. In a league all about the quarterback, the contract clock is ticking. With two years remaining on a five-year, $50 million extension he signed in 2009, the Bears must realize the benefits for stability and the salary cap in locking up a 29-year-old quarterback whose presence affected every offseason decision.

Given the circumstances, it would not shock me if Cutler signs a long-term deal before disgruntled running back Matt Forte. If the Bears budget at least $20 million in guarantees to one offensive back, investing in Cutler is smarter money than Forte too. When Cutler was asked how much he misses Forte at organized team activities, interestingly, he answered by mentioning his potential replacement.

“(Michael) Bush is doing a good job out here for us,” Cutler said. “We all know what Matt can do for this offense. We all expect to have Matt at some point. When he gets here, he’s going to step right in.”

The Bears made Forte an offer last season that he deemed insufficient for what he brings to the table. It seems as if he may have been better off accepting that deal. The Bears are reluctant to tie up a huge amount of salary in the running back position. This entirely Jay Cutler’s team right now. Matt Forte may be sitting at home waiting on an offer that will never come his way.


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