Mark Sanchez Facing A TON of Pressure Heading Into Next Season

Will Mark Sanchez be able to hold off “Tebowmania” this season?

The New York Jets trading for Tim Tebow was quite possibly the worst thing that could happen to current Jets starting QB, Mark Sanchez. Already under the gun for his inconsistent play, Sanchez must now navigate through the storm known as “Tebowmania”. Gregg Rosenthal, editor of’s Around The League Blog has started up a series titled “Under Pressure”, which takes a team-by-team look at the players who must prove themselves in the upcoming NFL season. He begin’s this series with a look at The Fight For The Big Apple. Here’s a list of things Rosenthal believes Sanchez must avoid in order to stave off a mutiny:

  1. Never have a bad first quarter at home.
  2. Keep the Jets above .500 at all times. Even 1-1 won’t be good enough to avoid serious Tim Tebow talk.
  3. Never lose two games in a row.
  4. Don’t allow Tebow to make game-winning plays.
  5. Don’t allow Tebow to have any good games throwing the ball as a backup.
  6. Consistently play at a higher level than ever before. Or else there will be change.

That’s a very tall order. Mark Sanchez has shown very little growth in his first three seasons as a starter. He’s shown flashes of brilliance that have been undercut by horrid play. I was never sold on Sanchez’s abilities, even after he quartebacked the Jets to two consecutive AFC Title games. I’ve always felt the Jets won despite his presence. Now that the Jets have a capable replacement for if/when they decide to move on, Sanchez must illustrate that he, not Tebow, should be the one to lead this team for the foreseeable future.


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