“Tebowing” Will Invade Madden NFL ’13

“If it’s in the game, It’s In the Game” – EA Sports

From the gaming blog, Kotaku, comes this little nugget on this year’s version of Madden:

This is sure to rankle a ton of axe-grinders, which makes it remarkable the development team for Madden NFL 13 chose to poke this snake. But there will be a “Tebowing” celebration animation in the game this year, according to Mike Young, the game’s creative director.

There’s no signing of the cross or pointing to heaven, but because its namesake, the New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, is such a visibly religious person, everyone gets fired up about mixing religion and sport even though that has been done in the end zone for decades. The gesture has been parodied and co-opted by other athletes, even outside the NFL, since Tebow introduced it.

I’m hoping that EA has implemented a “Tebowing Button” that allows you to just annoy the hell out of the opposition. I don’t really get the Tebowing fad, but the anger it ignites within Tebow’s haters has always been hilarious to me


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