Update: Brandon Marshall Cleared

Brandon Marshall’s controversial past continues to follow him

Two days before he was traded from the Miami Dolphins to the Chicago Bears, Brandon Marshall was accused of punching a woman outside of a New York City night club. This week, sources connected to the NYPD leaked statements saying that authorities have been unable to find any credible evidence of the alleged attack and charges were unlikely to be filed. Marshall has always insisted upon his innocence, even claiming that his wife was the true victim (Michi Marshall was treated at a hospital for cuts sustained from a broken liquor bottle). With word trickling out that he would likely be cleared of any wrongdoing, Marshall was reluctant to open up:

“Until … the New York Police Department comes out and says (something official) … there’s not much for me to say,” Marshall told reporters. “When you’ve been through things like I’ve been through, you become a target. And it is so important to be aware of your environment and putting yourself in clean and healthy environments.

“Unfortunately this situation in New York … like I said, there’s surveillance cameras all over the place. And there are not too many places a 6-5, 230-pound guy can hide. So the truth will come out. And when it does, I think I will be sitting in a great place.”

Expect to hear the NYPD’s announcement of no charges within the next week or so.

UPDATE: The announcement has been made:

Brandon Marshall’s attorney confirmed to the Tribune on Thursday that the Bears wide receiver will not face any criminal charges after being accused of punching a woman in March outside a New York nightclub.

“The case is closed,” said Harvey Steinberg, Marshall’s Denver-based attorney. “No charges will be filed.

Thankfully, the Bears won’t have to worry about Marshall missing any time over this incident


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