LeSean McCoy, Eagles Agree To 5 Year Extension

LeSean McCoy has locked himself in with the Eagles thru 2017

While Matt Forte continues to sulk away at home, another one of his running back brethren just loaded up his bank account. Just a few minutes ago, League sources confirmed that LeSean McCoy and the Philadelphia Eagles agreed to a 5 year contract extension worth $45 Million, $20.765 Million fully guarantied. This is great news for McCoy, the Eagles, and their fans. The Eagles won’t have to put up with the headaches and distractions a potential hold out would have brought on. LeSean McCoy has been one of the most dominant forces at the running back position over the last few seasons. In his three seasons in the League, McCoy has accumulated over 3,000 rushing yards, 1,200+ receiving yards and a total of 33 touchdowns. This past Sunday, defensive end of the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, Osi Umenyiora directed the following tweet at McCoy:

LeSean and his family will be enjoying plenty of Mother’s Days for the foreseeable future.

Further Reading: Eagles Sign LeSean McCoy to Five-Year, $45 million Contract


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