How Much Does Bill Belichick Make?

Bill Belichick keeps his contract a secret, and his Hoodie Swag on 100

Bill Belichick is a rebel. He will gladly run up the score on inferior opponents. He has no time for post-game handshakes (Eric Mangini & Tony Dungy can attest to that). Belichick has even refused to become apart of the NFL Coaches Union. Today, Forbes released a list of of the Highest Paid Coaches In Sports. Belichick sits at the top of that list with a salary of $7.5 Million. However, there’s one small issue with that – no one knows Belichick’s actual salary. No one even knows the length of his contract.’s Gregg Rosenthal has more:

Forbes lists Belichick’s salary at $7.5 million. They don’t say its “estimated” or that it’s a “total guess” which seems irresponsible at best and purposefully manipulative at worst.

The terms of Belichick’s contract has been a closely guarded secret for years. No one even knows when his contract ends, much less what he gets paid.

We’d guess that Belichick makes a lot more than $7.5 million at this point considering his longevity and role. But it’s just a guess. Which is why we wouldn’t publicize a list passing it off as fact

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