Drew Brees “Extremely Frustrated” With the New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees isn’t happy with the status of his contract

How Long Will the Saints Allow Their Franchise Player To Twist In the Wind? – Earlier, I poked a little fun at the predicament facing the New Orleans Saints as they head into the 2012 season. One important factor that I failed to mention was the status of quarterback Drew Brees. Brees has yet to sign his franchise tender and remains at home while backup QB Chase Daniels takes all the first team reps in this offseason’s workouts. Brees went on WWL Radio to vent his frustrations:

“It’s extremely frustrating for me, but here we are,” Brees said. “I think really a lack of communication at times. I know I’m certainly committed to getting a long-term deal as I have been throughout this entire process.”

“I would just say there should be a sense of urgency and yet it seems like there’s not,” he said.

The Saints can ill afford to let this issue linger on. Brees is the face of their franchise. I’m not exactly sure what they are attempting to accomplish by alienating their star player. New Orleans could definitely use the boost in morale that long term deal for Brees would bring. It would certainly help wash out the bad taste from Bounty Gate that lingers in the mouths of the franchise’s faithful. Hit the following link for the whole scoop: Drew Brees ‘Extremely Frustrated’ With Contract Situation


3 thoughts on “Drew Brees “Extremely Frustrated” With the New Orleans Saints

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