Tom Brady On His Playing Future

Tom Brady can’t imagine playing for anyone but the Patriots

Tom Brady Recognizes The Harsh Nature of the Business Side of the NFL – Can you imagine Tom Brady slinging touchdown passes for another team? It’s happened with plenty of the greats – Joe Montana ended his Hall of Fame career in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform after winning 4 Super Bowl rings with the San Francisco 49ers. Brett Favre took his talents to the Big Apple after Green Bay decided they wanted to roll with Aaron Rodgers. After one forgettable season with the New York Jets, Favre spent 2 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings before calling it quits. The biggest headlines of this offseason were made when the Indianapolis Colts released Peyton Manning. The Denver Broncos won the sweepstakes for Manning’s services, where he will try to bring them their 1st Super Bowl title since the John Elway years.

In his Monday Morning Quarterback column, Peter King asked Brady his thoughts on his future:

“My wife [Gisele Bundchen] said to me, ‘When I met you [in 2006], you said you wanted to play 10 more years. How come that number never goes down?’ It’s that I love the game. I love the game. I’m going to play until they tell me they don’t want me anymore”

As for how long that will be, Brady says all the right things — he’d love to play his entire career in New England, but he’s got to earn his spot every year. He saw what just happened with Peyton Manning, and he knows that might be something he faces one day. “That’s a great example of how sometimes true professionals have to move on,” he said. “Nothing surprises me anymore in the NFL.”

It’s unlikely Brady moves on, but it’s not impossible. Brady knows if it can happen to Manning, it can happen to him, especially with a bottom-line guy like Belichick making the calls.

All of the legends mentioned above, Montana, Favre, Manning – no one could have possibly predicted they would end their respective careers playing for teams other than the ones they experienced their most success with. After three Super Bowl victories (5 Super Bowl appearances in total), Tom Brady’s Patriots legacy is set in stone. When the time comes for a decision to be made on his future with the team, Brady realizes that anything is possible and no amount of success can shield you from the business side of the NFL.


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