LOL – Tim Tebow “Has Good Throwing Mechanics” – Jets QB Coach

Tim Tebow’s throwing motion is a controversial topic within the NFL Analyst realm

Earlier today, I gave you Demaryius Thomas’ thoughts on Tim Tebow’s ability to play the quarterback position. Tebow’s throwing motion has been panned by plenty of NFL analysts, with ESPN’s Merrill Hoge going on a twitter rampage, saying, “I just watched Tebow throw five out routes to a wide open wide receiver. He was 1-for-5! Two went in dirt two in the stands! That throwing motion he changed? You can’t change who you are! Just watched two throws and he throws like he did in college!! College credentials do not transfer to NFL, rah-rah speeches do not work! You must possess a skill set to play! Tebow struggles with accuracy!

Today, New York Jets’ quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh was quoted as saying “I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him over an extended period of time … not just watching him play on film. I think he’s certainly got the arm strength. He has good mechanics. They’re getting better every day.

This seemed to surprise the hell out of CBSSports’ Will Brinson, who wrote, ”I mean … OK, sure. I was going to find a GIF of Tim Tebow’s throwing motion and then point to the fact that he’s got a longer windup than Hideo Nomo. But I couldn’t find one when I tried to Google it. Naturally, I turned to the Internet

He tweeted the following to his 5,600+ followers:

The responses he received were predictably hilarious. Follow the link to view the results: Jets quarterback coach on Tim Tebow: ‘He has good mechanics’


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