Jay Cutler: O-Line a Cause For Concern

Jay Cutler has spent 3 seasons running for his life behind a shoddy offensive line

Will a New Offensive Coordinator Produce a Better Offensive Line? – The Chicago Bears’ offensive line has ranked near the bottom of the League for two consecutive seasons. Both of those seasons saw the Bears stumble out of the gate behind former offensive coordinator Mike Martz’s bizarre play calling and game day scheming. His stubborn approach to audibles at the line of scrimmage and his insistence on continuous seven step dropbacks for the QB with no added protection or help for his blockers lead to some absolutely ugly football games for the Bears. With former offensive line coach Mike Tice taking over the play calling duties for the 2012 season, Cutler was asked his thoughts on what he expected from those whose job it is to keep his jersey clean:

“The offensive line is definitely going to be a concern,” Cutler said Monday, “and seeing where those guys fit in and seeing what five we go with. You know, if Gabe (Carimi) comes back, if J’Marcus (Webb) pans out (and) Chris Williams, where we’re going to put him … there are some question marks there. Until we really get that resolved, get our front five settled, we’ve got some work to do on the offense.”

“It helps,” Cutler said. “It’s not a cure-all by any means. They’re still going to be asked to protect. There are going to be times it’s third-and-8, it’s third-and-10, we’re going to have to take seven steps, we’re going to have to have a longer route, and they’re going to have to protect.”

Coming off of consecutive seasons of giving up nearly the most sacks in the League, Cutler has every right to question whether or not they have what it takes to successfully perform on a consistent basis. Draft analysts and prognosticators reamed the Bears for failing to pick up any linemen in this past NFL draft. The head coach and the front office obviously feel as if a change in offensive philosophies will bring about the needed upgrades those who follow the team are seeking. Time will tell if they have chosen wisely or not.


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