Draft Day – Through the Eyes of an NFL Agent

Ed Wasielewski with an eye on two major tools of his trade: The smartphone and the TV. Not shown is his always-in-use iPad.- SARAH J. GLOVER / FOR THE DAILY NEWS

The NFL Draft Is a Stressful Time for Both Agents and Their Clients – Ever wonder just how hectic things can be for an agent who has multiple clients waiting around for three days, praying that they will hear their names called out during the NFL Draft? Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Daily News gave a great behind the scenes look on just how crazy things can be:

N.J., armed with a BlackBerry and an iPad. The home belongs to the parents of Kashif Moore, a wide receiver from the University of Connecticut who hopes to be playing in the NFL come this fall. Wasielewski is Moore’s agent, and today is the final day of the NFL draft — otherwise known as the biggest day of Wasielewski’s year. By the end of the night, he expects to know the future whereabouts of Moore and four other clients.

Moore’s situation underscores the uncertainties inherent in Wasielewski’s profession. Moore could go as early as the fifth round — or he might not be picked at all.

At the moment, Wasielewski is standing against a wall in the foyer responding to a text message when his phone rings, revealing an Illinois number. He exchanges pleasantries with the caller and begins to nod in affirmation. Then he pumps his fist. A broad smile sweeps his face, a look that seems to combine pride and relief.

Moore looks over his shoulder, wondering what Wasielewski has brewing. The call isn’t about him, and Moore knows it. “E-Rod!” Wasielewski says, covering one end of his phone.

“E-Rod” is Temple’s Evan Rodriguez, a tight end who is Wasielewski’s highest-profile client. Rodriguez is watching the draft with his family in North Bergen, N.J., but Wasielewski remains in constant contact; he retreats outside to speak with Rodriguez.

Moore, meanwhile, sits on the floor playing cards with his friends. It’s not even halfway through the fourth round, too early, he knows, for his name to be called. His cellphone, with the volume turned up, waiting to ring., sits perched on a nearby chair.

The Chicago Bears made Wasielewski’s client, tight end Evan Rodriguez their 4th round pick. He sat through the latter rounds of the draft with his client, Kashif Moore who went undrafted, but eventually signed on as a free agent with the Cincinnati Bengals. The Daily News did a great job capturing the atmosphere and angst surrounding those involved in the Draft.

Be sure to check out the rest of the story here: A Day In the Life of an NFL Agent


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