Did The NFL LIE About What Gregg Williams Admitted To?

The case against the New Orleans Saints is about to devolve into a game of “He-Said/She-Said”. It seems as if the Commissioner’s office may be playing fast and loose with the facts. From the Times-Picayune’s Mike Triplett comes this nugget of info:

… according to a source close to Williams, the NFL has also misrepresented what Williams said in interviews with the league. According to the source, Williams never admitted a “bounty program” was in place and that the league “rephrased his statements to satisfy its needs.” The source also said Williams never identified any players for their involvement in a pay-for-performance or bounty program.

It’s past time for the NFL to come forward with all of their evidence. As the voices in defense of the accused mount, one theme is being repeated by many: the NFL is only out to make an example of those punished in order to make itself look as if they are out in front of all player safety issues. Each passing day brings new reason to cast doubts on the NFL’s claims. It is up to the League and its lawyers to make sense of all of this and put an end to the back and forth nonsense going on within the media.


2 thoughts on “Did The NFL LIE About What Gregg Williams Admitted To?

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