NFLPA Files Grievance Against NFL Over Bounty Discipline

After signing a Collective Bargaining Agreement that called for 10 years labor peace last year, the NFL and the NFL Players Association are set for a battle that will once again pit both sides against each other. Today, the NFLPA filed a grievance against the NFL over the suspensions handed down by Commissioner Roger Goodell over the New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal. The crux of the NFLPA’s argument seems to be that since the new CBA signed last summer released all NFL players from being punished for their misdeeds prior to its signing, Goodell has no authority to hand down these punishments. Commissioner Goodell oversees all player disciplinary issues, making him the final authority on those matters. From NFLPA’s Pro Player Website:

As noted above, the NFL Security Report Stated that the alleged “pay-for-performance/bounty” program violated the CBA’s prohibition against non-contract bonus payments (Ex. A), at 1, 3 and the decision disciplining the Saints coaches stated that the “first” principle guiding the discipline was the “longstanding rule against non-contract bonuses” (Ex. B), at 4…

The NFL Security Report – upon which the discipline was based – is 100% accurate in describing the alleged conduct at issue as being governed by the CBA’s prohibition against non-contract payments to players. See, e.g. (Ex. A), at 1 (“The NFL has long had in place rules prohibiting ‘Non-Contract Bonuses.’ Such provisions violate both the NFL Constitution and By-Laws and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.”)…

As to violations of these provisions by the Club’s and players’ participation in an alleged undisclosed payment scheme, the exclusive jurisdiction for such issues rests with the System Arbitrator. See CBA, Article 15, Section 1…

Furthermore, the CBA provides that only the System Arbitrator is authorized to penalize players for alleged violations of the undisclosed payments provisions. See CBA, Article 14, Section 6(a).

Essentially, the system arbitration proceeding states that Commissioner Goodell has neither the authority nor the power to issue the punishments to players

Honestly, I don’t understand the methods of the NFLPA. Rather than taking this issue by the horns and using it to see that the game becomes safer for its participants, the NFLPA seems to be using this as a means to rally its base and unite as one against a common enemy – The Dictator Roger Goodell. The Player’s Union and its leaders should take a step back for a moment and evaluate whether or not this is a battle worth fighting


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