Terrell Suggs Promises to “Prove Everyone Wrong”

Terrell Suggs vows to be back on the field in 2012

Plenty of People Will Be Shocked If Suggs Steps On the Field Next Season – Responding to reports that he would miss the entire 2012 NFL season, Baltimore Ravens Linebacker/Defensive End Terrell Suggs told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that he only suffered a “partial tear” of his Achilles tendon. He followed that up by stating that those saying he won’t play this year will motivate him and “make it so much sweeter when I run out of that tunnel and prove everyone wrong.”

He also stated that reports saying he hurt himself in a pick-up basketball game were false. Suggs says the injury occurred while running offseason conditioning drills. Whatever the case may be, I’m just hoping Suggs makes a full and speedy recovery. He is one of the League’s most dominant defenders and it would be a shame to not be able to see him perform this year.


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