Kurt Warner: I Don’t Want My Kids to Play Football

This is one of the last images of Kurt Warner in an NFL uniform

The Bounty Scandal and Recent Suicided By Former Players Has Cast a Pall Over the Game – The costs and risks of playing the game of football are under the microscope of the entire nation. This week brought the announcement of the punishment the players who participated in the New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal. Then came word on the tragic passing of NFL great Junior Seau. These events have caused a number of people to take a step back and wonder whether or not playing the game is worth the pain.

One of the people questioning it’s worth is Kurt Warner, a former Super Bowl MVP. Speaking with Dan Patrick on his radio show, Warner was asked if he’d prefer his kids not play football. He shared his thoughts on the matter:

“Yes, I would. Can’t make that choice for them if they want to, but there’s no question in my mind.

They both have the dream, like dad, to play in the NFL. That’s their goal. And when you hear things like the bounties, when you know certain things having played the game, and then obviously when you understand the size, the speed, the violence of the game, and then you couple that with situations like Junior Seau — was that a ramification of all the years playing? And things that go with that. It scares me as a dad. I just wonder — I wonder what the league’s going to be like. I love that the commissioner is doing a lot of things to try to clean up the game from that standpoint and improve player safety, which helps, in my mind, a lot. But it’s a scary thing for me.”

I have a feeling there are millions of parents around the nation that feel the exact same way.


2 thoughts on “Kurt Warner: I Don’t Want My Kids to Play Football

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