Peyton Has the Keys to the Offense

The Denver Broncos’ offense will look very familiar in 2012

Peyton Manning Will Run Things His Way In Denver – There were minor rumblings regarding whether or not Peyton Manning’s diminished physical capacities would lead to some sort of alteration in the way he manages the offense. This week, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox put an end to all that talk.

For fourteen seasons, NFL fans sat back and marveled at the way Peyton Manning called the game. Stepping to the line of scrimmage with sometimes three or more playcalls at his disposal, Manning controlled every motion, every hot route, and every protection scheme. This has allowed Manning to pick apart defenses on his way to becoming one of the top quarterbacks of the modern era. Four neck surgeries and one entire missed season later, insiders around the have begun to question whether or not he could regenerate the arm strength necessary to be the gun slinger he once was. At this week’s NFL meetings, John Fox was asked the Denver Broncos offense would look like with Manning under center.

“As he would tell you, he’s done it a certain way for 14 years and obviously had great success,” Fox said of Manning’s impact on the offense. “We’d kind of be silly if we wouldn’t take some of what he’s done in the past and utilize his strengths and comfort zone. I think that was a factor and of course that came up. He hadn’t been through the process [of changing offenses] in so long, being in one place, I thought he did a terrific job in handling that …

Manning’s way of controlling the offense has made him the offensive coordinator on the field by default. It is a method that has worked superbly for him over the years. It would not have made much sense to acquire an elite talent such as Manning, then try to tweak his game. Coach Fox realizes this.

“Peyton is like a coach on the field,” Fox said. “He paints a great picture. He’s going to direct traffic as well as maybe anybody in the league. That is that experience that I was talking about with our quarterback a year ago [Tim Tebow] — it takes time to develop that. Peyton has been through those trenches, so he knows. As I think John [Elway] said, I think he’ll raise all boats and he’s very helpful. He’ll speed up the process, so that’s a positive that he has that capability.”

Broncos fans can look forward to a much more potent offense with Manning calling the shots in 2012.


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