Mike Mayock: Trent Richardson Too Good to Pass Up

Trent Richardson is likely a lock in the Top 10

Who Said the Runningback Position Was Being Devalued? – (Oh yeah – I did. Just yesterday. Go read that piece. You might learn something). With teams re-evaluating their stances on the runningback position, how would that affect this year’s draft class? After initially stating that the low values placed on halfbacks could lead to Trent Richardson falling in the draft, the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock has had a change of heart:

“Boy was I wrong,” Mayock said of suggesting Richardson might get out of the Top 10. “He’s going in the Top 10. Let’s face it, if the two quarterbacks [Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III] go 1-2, and the Vikings are not in the market for a tailback at No. 3 because of Adrian Peterson, this kid is going 4, 5 or 6. He’s the best tailback I’ve seen come out since the aforementioned Adrian Peterson. He brings toughness, he brings speed, he brings pass protection.”

Mayock then proceeds to state an assessment shared by NFL Films’ Greg Cosell:

“Trent Richardson might be the best position player in this draft,” Mayock said. “I watched 150 of his carries today. I watched every catch he made on tape today. . . . I watched every pass protection I could find in about a 10-game span, and he might be the best pass-protecting running back in this draft also. So when you talk about toughness and perhaps the best positional player in the entire draft, I think if he is available at No. 5, with that offensive line, they’ve got to pull the trigger.”

So, the next great runningback most likely will slip down past the top four spots. Whoever does select him will end up with the best rated player in the draft.

Even at a Devalued Position, Richardson’s Talent Too Great to Pass Up via ProFootBallTalk


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