Greg Cosell: Tebow to the Jets the Right Fit

Tim Tebow May Be the Quarterback Rex Ryan Needs – If you’ve gone through my posts over the last few weeks, you’ll realize that I highly value the opinion of NFL Film’s Greg Cosell. He does not let popular public sentiment influence his evaluations. He gives no weight to inconsequential notions such as “the will to win” or a team “playing the game the way it was meant to be played”. The tale told by game footage is what drives his player assessments.

Lost in all the hoopla of Tebow’s arrival in New York was exactly what this would mean on the field for the Jets.

In 2009 and 2010, the Jets employed a ground and pound offense, supplemented by an aggressive, turnover hungry defense. Both of those seasons ended with trips to the AFC Title Game. Last season, the Jets attempted to win games through the arm of Mark Sanchez, which lead to disastrous results. The Jets missed the playoffs and Sanchez’s game regressed enough for the team to make the deal for Tebow, a move seen as controversial due to Tebow’s inability to fully grasp a Pro-Style passing game. What benefits would the Jets see from this move? Here’s Cosell’s take:

Last season, the core methodology took a precipitous fall. Gang Green ranked 22nd in rushing, and 20th in points allowed. The quarterback could no longer be a complementary player. He had to be the focal point of the offense, and by extension, the team. Sanchez’s limitations as a passer prevented him from filling that role effectively, and the Jets season fragmented.

The overriding point is this: The Jets’ profile has not changed. Their ability to execute it has. Enter Tebow.

If the Jets can re-establish their profile with a tempo-setting, time-consuming running game, which Tebow theoretically can help, and a physically dominant turnover-based defense, then you minimize the number of throws that Tebow has to make. The defense is the critical piece to this puzzle. If they play the way they did in 2009, then you can limit Tebow’s throws and better camouflage his weakness. That’s the bottom line.

If Tebow can use his natural ability to make plays with his legs through the running game, while limiting his mistakes within the passing game, the Jets will be better equipped to run the offense Rex Ryan installed his first season as the Jets head coach. So, the Jets essentially traded for a quarterback more suited for their offensive plans than their current starter. Now those whispers of Tebow choosing the Jets due to there being a clearer path to start make a little more sense.


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