Cosell: RGIII > Luck

Who would you take with the 1st Pick?

The Indianapolis Colts Have a Tough Choice To Make at the Top of the Draft – Earlier, I linked back to a post from NFL Film’s Greg Cosell that pegged Trent Richardson as the top player in the 2012 Draft Class. Recently, Cosell gave us his analysis of top 2 quarterback prospects in this year’s draft, Robert Griffin III & Andrew Luck. After reviewing 5 games from the 2011 season of each quarterback, Cosell writes:

“Overall, Luck was not asked to make many tough throws at the intermediate and deeper levels. I did not see those. I will not say he can’t make them, but based on the 5 games I evaluated it’s a projection. In addition, Luck had a tendency to lift his back foot off the ground before releasing the ball. That prevented him from driving through his throws and at times negatively impacted his velocity and accuracy. He would lean over his front foot and push the ball. That can be corrected with coaching and repetition, but it’s a concern that must be addressed.

[A] characteristic of Griffin’s play that stood out, and projects very well to the NFL, was his ability to throw from different platforms, or more descriptively, arm angles, and remain accurate. It’s especially important given his 6’3” height, an inch or two shorter than would be considered ideal for an NFL quarterback. I’m certainly not suggesting Griffin is the equal of Aaron Rodgers at this point, but that attribute has helped elevate Rodgers to elite status.”

I had an email exchange earlier this month with a buddy of mine projecting Griffin. I took offense to RGIII being called “the next Mark Sanchez”. In response, I wrote, “I’m no draft analyst, but it seems as tho RGIII just has a lot more going for him. You questioned his build, but he’s the same height/weight as Aaron Rogers. And one thing you can’t question is the kid’s accuracy. How many rookie QBs can you say that about?”

Andrew Luck has been called The Next Big Thing for the last three years. His NFL reign seems to have been preordained. But is it all just hype? After his workout at the combine, Luck’s athleticism was compared to last year’s number one pick Cam Newton due to their 40 yard dash times virtually the same. Griffin was criticized for not having workout numbers on par with Michael Vick.

Colts fans should hope their front office has read Cosell’s review of the game film.


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