Tebow Plans on Starting

Mark Sanchez will be playing in the shadow of Tebow this fall.

The New York Jets’ QB Controversy Starts Now – You have to wonder about the thought process behind the New York Jets trading for Tim Tebow. Having already made inquiries into Peyton Manning’s interest in joining his little brother in the Big Apple, they had to think this would add to the stress of current starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. Inviting the circus that Tebow’s following brings, combined with the increase in media babble could be viewed as a recipe for disaster. Now comes word that Tebow chose the Jets over his hometown team for a calculated reason. Gary Myers of the New York Daily News writes:

“A major factor in Tebow’s push to come to New York over Jacksonville, his hometown, is that he sees a clear path to resuming his career as a starter, sources tell the Daily News.

The Jets will start Tebow off in a limited role as the Wildcat quarterback — GM Mike Tannenbaum must have said 20 times the other night that Sanchez is the starter and Tebow is the backup — but what other backup flies cross-country on a private jet, as Tebow did Thursday from Van Nuys, Calif., to Morristown, N.J., only to disembark to an adoring crowd of Tebow-ing fans?

What other backup quarterback arrives with the guarantee that he will get on the field?”

Emphasis mine, but that last line is the 800lbs. gorilla Tebow-ing in the middle of the room – Backup QBs in the NFL are added with the hope that they NEVER have to step onto the field. Tebow arrives in New York with a promise of seeing the field on a weekly basis. That’s practically unheard of. If Sanchez has any issues with Tebow’s arrival, he has yet to say so publicly. And that has angered NFL.com’s Michael Lombardi, who writes:

“How does this affect Mark Sanchez? I think greatly. I wish, upon hearing the news of Tebow’s signing, Sanchez would have displayed the same anger that recently signed backup Drew Stanton showed. For all the talk of being a leader, Sanchez never operates like one. He should have leveled the Jets for making this move, and made it clear he was not interested in leaving the game for a gadget offense. Sanchez needs to stand up for himself and not appear as if he was paid off to be a good soldier.”

One thing is for certain – the Jets on this year’s version of HBO’s Hard Knocks would be Must See TV if the Jets somehow get chosen again.


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