Matt Forte – Ain’t No Love in the Windy City

“Where’s the love?”

Matt Forte Is One Sad Bear At the Moment – When news broke this morning regarding the Chicago Bears signing of running back Michael Bush, everyone was left to wonder what this deal meant for Matt Forte. Forte shared his thoughts on the matter via Twitter:

“There’s only so many times a man that has done everything he’s been asked to do can be disrespected! Guess the GOOD GUYS do finish last….”

Forte’s agent, Adisa Bakari, gave his take to ESPNChicago’s Michael C. Wright:

“Since drafting Matt in 2008, the Bears have signed Kevin Jones, Chester Taylor, and Marion Barber, all ostensibly to serve as Matt’s back up. To sign yet another running back, prior to completing a contract with Matt suggests disregard for Matt and his contributions to the Bears”

I see both sides of the coin here. The average shelf life of an NFL running back is about 3 years. The Bears are doing nothing more than using the mechanisms provided through the CBA (Franchise Tag) to hold on to a player they value. Forte knows his chances at a large pay day shrink with every game he plays under a deal he feels is subpar. Blame can be spread across on both sides. The Bears have spent $20 million+ on disappointing back up running backs. Why can’t they spend the coin necessary to make Matt happy? At the same, Forte had a deal on the table last season that was respectable. Had he accepted that deal, he’d have the security he’s looking for.

This situation looks to be headed down the path of media posturing and hold out.


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