UPDATE: Tim Tebow Traded To … the Jets

Jets Acquire Tebow for 4th & 6th Round Pick – Continuing the onslaught of absolutely insane NFL headlines, the NFL’s Lord & Savior has been traded to the New York Jets, where he will be teamed up with the NFL’s version of Satan, Rex Ryan. The soap opera that is the 2012 NFL Offseason has not missed a beat in feeding its fans juicy storylines. From Peyton Manning’s release, to the Bills scoring one for the little guys & reeling in the biggest fish in Free Agency (Mario Williams) to Manning’s arrival in Denver forcing out one of the NFL’s rising stars. And the Draft is still 6 weeks away …

UPDATE  1 – Looks like this deal has hit a snag. Due to a stipulation in Tebow’s contract, the Jets are trying to back out of the deal. Even after they, you know … tweeted it out to their fans and contacted media sources to announce the deal. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Jacksonville Jaguars are now looking to make a bid for Tebow’s services.

And the insanity continues. More on this as it develops …

UPDATE 2 – Adam Schefter breaks the news – Tebow is a Jet.


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