New Orleans Saints Disciplined Over Bounty Scandal

Left-to-Right: Saints Head Coach Sean Payton, Former Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams, Saints GM Mickey Loomis

Severe Sanctions Handed Down Over “BountyGate”

Sean Payton – Suspended for the entire 2012 season (loses over $7 Million in salary)

Gregg Williams – Suspended indefinitely; Status will be evaluated at the conclusion of the 2012 season

Mickey Loomis – Suspended 8 games

Joe Vitt (Assistant Head Coach) – Suspended 6 games; Fined $100,000

The New Orleans Saints were also forced to forfeit two second round draft picks (one in 2012, one in 2013) and were fined $500,000.

In the days following the NFL’s announcement of a bounty system that the New Orleans Saints employed during the 2009 thru 2011 seasons, early word leaking was that Gregg Williams would definitely be suspended the entire season while Sean Payton & GM Mickey Loomis would likely face 4 game suspensions. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell went above and beyond those estimations. Saints fans are probably beside themselves, but in all honesty, all their anger should be directed at those in charge. For reasons I will get into at a later date, I have grown to despise the Saints under Sean Payton. Roger Goodell needs to be commended for sending this strong message to his League and ensuring that something like this never happens again

Goodell lowers boom on the Saints via ProFootBallTalk


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