Chicago Bears Acquire Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall will be reunited with Jay Cutler for the 2012 season.

Early Free Agency rumors pegged the Chicago Bears as the leaders to sign former Chargers Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson. Just before the official beginning of the NFL’s new league year, the Bears pulled off a trade that left both its fans and league insiders stunned …

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer was the first to report it: the Bears and the Miami Dolphins reached a deal that sent Marshall, 27, to the Bears for two 3rd-Round picks, one in 2012 and another in 2013. It was a very shrewd move for new Bears GM, Phil Emery. In two months, Emery solved an enigma that confounded former Bears GM Jerry Angelo for his entire 10-year tenure – how do I obtain the ever-elusive “#1 Wide Receiver”?

Per the Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh:

“This is how a new GM gets his point across clearly, by pulling off the type of trade that drops jaws and potentially changes the balance of power in the NFC … Jerry Angelo spent a decade answering questions why the Bears couldn’t find a No. 1 wide receiver. Emery acquired one just two minutes after his first free-agent signing period began.”

Just how genius was this move? Vincent Jackson, 29,  reached a contract agreement with the Buccaneers for 5 year/ $55 million. Marshall is locked in for 3 years for just over $27 million. The Chicago Suntimes’ Sean Jensen has the statistical breakdown:

“- In 92 career games, Jackson has 272 catches for 4,754 yards with 37 touchdowns. He’s been selected to two Pro Bowls.

– In 91 career games, Marshall has 494 catches for 6,247 yards with 34 touchdowns. He’s been selected to three Pro Bowls.

– That means Marshall has 222 more catches and 1,493 more yards than Jackson. That’s quite a bit.”

So – the Bears get the younger, more productive player, while paying him $2 million LESS per season? As a Bears Fan, that’s fine by me


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